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The Sculpture program provides students with a variety of sculpting experiences. The program offers courses in figure and character modeling, welded and forged steel fabrication, multi-media assemblage, wood and stone carving, woodworking, cement, and mold making and casting.

B.F.A. candidates may specialize in one or a combination of areas depending on their personal direction and career path. Graduate and undergraduate students work side-by-side in a 5600 sq ft studio facility which houses three shop areas, graduate studios, an outside gated work area, and a 3D modeling computer lab.

Sculpture Courses
ARTS 141. Sculpture I: Modeling and Casting. 3 crs.
Using structured studio projects, the student develops a formal vocabulary of expression through methodic idea development and forming techniques. This course guides the student through basic sculpture processes and practical aspects of the art as well as introduces a conceptual and construction language

ARTS 142. Sculpture II: Fabrication and Carving. 3 crs.
A more expressive approach than with Sculpture L This class introduces the student to the additive and subtractive sculpture making procedures emphasizing joining and shaping of forms. Visual information from the natural and artificial world is gathered. Elements of structure and pattern are also examined.

ARTS 143. Figure Sculpture I. 3 crs.
Students sculpt clay likenesses from live models through observation and modeling techniques. Careful and continuous study from life expands our understanding of structure and shape, clarifies our perception of what we see, and hones our ability to form what we intend. The human form also inspires psychological exploration of expression.

ARTS 144. Figure Sculpture II. 3 crs.
Continuation of Figure Sculpture I. This class develops the student’s skills and individual style by encouraging fidelity to nature and personal interpretations of character.

ARTS 145. Figure Sculpture III. 3 crs.
Advanced figure study. The student is expected to cultivate a naturalistic style or personal sense of abstraction.

ARTS 146. Figure Sculpture IV. 3 crs.
Further advanced figure study. The student is expected to hone a developing style. In addition, the student may work as a teaching assistant to the instructor and is expected to accept certain studio responsibilities.

ARTS 147. Wood Sculpture. 3 crs.
This structured course introduces the student to manual techniques involved in wood carving and fabrication processes. The class also surveys forms of fine wood sculpture and other woodwork, identifying and seasoning wood, wood working tools, equipment and processes.

ARTS 148. Stone Carving. 3 crs.
This course introduces the student to stone carving techniques. Through certain carving exercises, students will design, rough out, and chase stone sculpture, as well as make their own tools.

ARTS 149. Metal Sculpture I: Welding and Fabrication. 3 crs.
This course introduces the student to welding, brazing, and soldering techniques, as well as fundamental metal construction processes necessary for armature building and direct sculpture.

ARTS 150. Metal Sculpture II: Smithing and Forge Fabrication. 3 crs.
Advanced construction processes for direct sculpture. The course introduces hot forming, hammered and fabricated metal sculpture techniques. Students will also learn to make their own tools.

ARTS 151. Foundry 1: Bronze Casting. 3 crs.
Introduction workshop to the casting process. Substitution theory and gating systems, wax working, mold making, investment and ceramic shell molds, foundry safety and metal pouring.

ARTS 153. Sculpture Workshop I. 3 crs.
Advanced Study. Students will pursue personal investigations in one or more sculpture making processes. Shop economics and responsibilities are also developed in a collective atelier environment.

ARTS 154. Sculpture Workshop II. 3 crs.
Further sculpture workshop study.

ARTS 155. Independent Studio I. 3 crs.
Advanced study in personal sculpture direction.

ARTS 156. Independent Studio II. 3 crs.
Further advanced study in personal direction.

ARTS 157. Internship. 3crs.