Undergraduate Programs » Painting


The Painting program is designed to introduce students to traditional and contemporary painting techniques with an emphasis on the control of paint and the painted form. In the intermediate and advanced level courses, students are encouraged to experiment with various media and thematic approaches.

ARTA 011 Painting I. 3crs.
Introduction to traditional and contemporary techniques, with emphasis on control of paint and painting form. Prerequisite: ARTF 001.

ARTA 012 Painting II. 3crs.
Continuation of ARTF 01 1, with emphasis on various approaches to painting. Prerequisite: ARTF 011.

ARTA 013 Painting III. Mixed Media. 3crs.
Study of physical make-up of paints and use of tools. Exploration of various means to achieve aesthetic ends.

ARTA 014. Watercolor I. 3crs.
Use of all contemporary aqueous media, including experimental approaches from documentary to nonobjective. Prerequisite: ARTF 001.

ARTA 015. Watercolor II. 3crs.
Continuation of ARTA 014, with development of a personal approach and exploration of varied techniques. Prerequisite: ARTA 014.

ARTA 016. Figure Painting I. 3crs.

ARTA 017. Figure Painting II. 3crs.

ARTA 018. Figure Painting III. 3crs.

ARTA 019. Mural Painting I. 3crs.

ARTA 020. Mural Painting II. 3crs.

ARTA 021. East African Calligraphy. 3crs.

ARTA 023. Introduction to Painting Workshop. 3crs.

ARTA 024. Advanced Painting Workshop. 3crs.
Directed study in Painting. Prerequisite: ARTA 023.

ARTA 026. Studio Internship. 3crs.
Provides practical experience working with a professional artist in the student’s area of interest or specialization.