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Foundation Design and Drawing Courses
ARTF 001. Drawing I. 3crs.
Emphasis on the structural principles of drawing, perspective, foreshortening, composition, and the human figure.

ARTF 002 Drawing II. 3crs.
Continuation of Drawing I, with emphasis on various methods and concepts of visual projection.

ARTF 087 Two Dimensional Concepts I. 3crs.
Basic elements of two-dimensional design – dot, line, shape, value, texture, space and color are introduced, along with such principles as rhythm, repetition, contrast, variety, balance and harmony. They, along with form, are presented as visual building blocks of a vocabulary necessary to the process of making visual statements.

ARTF 088 Two Dimensional Concepts II. 3crs.
Continuation of Two-Dimensional Concepts I. Monochromatic, Chromatic Grays, Analogous, Complementary, Split Complementary, Dyadic and Triadic color schemes/systems/harmonies are introduced through various problems and exercises and presented as additional vocabulary necessary for making visual statements.

ARTF 089. Three Dimensional Concepts I. 3crs.
This is a course designed to introduce the student to three-dimensional problem solving techniques through the use of various materials. This course may be team taught.

ARTF 090. Three Dimensional Concepts II. 3crs.
A continuation of Three-Dimensional Concepts L The course provides an in-depth study of problem solving techniques as they relate to resolved products. This course may be team taught.


ARTR 003 Drawing III. 3crs.
In-depth concentration on rendering the human form. Emphasis is on exercises to enhance expressive interpretation of the human form.

ARTR 004 Drawing IV. 3crs.
Comparison of similarities and differences in use of space in drawing of various cultures. Spring semester only. Prerequisite:

ARTR 005 Drawing V. 3crs.

Focus is on designing the human figure. Prerequisite: ARTR 004.

ARTR 006. Drawing VI. Independent Study. 3crs.
Experimentation with various materials and techniques. Prerequisite: ARTR-005.

ARTR 007. Drawing VII.

ARTR 008. Figure Drawing. 3crs.
In-depth concentration on rendering the human form. Continuation of ARTD 003, Drawing III (Figure).

ARTR 009 Problems in Drawing I. 3crs.

ARTR 010 Problems in Drawing II. 3crs.