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The Ceramics Program provides students with a technical foundation in basic hand and wheel formation, glaze calculation, clay formulation and a range of finishing and firing techniques. Advanced students are encouraged to explore the full range of possibilities in clay. The ceramics unit is designed to train students to become the traditional production potter; the ceramic sculptor and the visionary artists who want to combine and experiment with state of the arts ceramic materials and technology to create their visual voice.

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Ceramics Courses
ARTC 121. Ceramics I. 3 crs.
An introduction to clay through the use of hand building fabricating techniques. Historical, African and simple contemporary ceramics orientation, investigating clay bodies and glazes.

ARTC 122. Ceramics II. 3 crs.
An introduction to throwing. Fabrication of clay forms using the pottery wheel. A continuation of glaze calculation, hands-on firing techniques.

ARTC 123. Ceramics III. 3 crs.
Concentration on advanced wheel forms, production and glazes.

ARTC 124. Ceramics IV. 3 crs.
Expansion of firing experiences to accommodate individual student requirements to produce ceramic projects.

ARTC 125 . Ceramics V. 3 crs.
An exploration of glaze materials by fired tests.

ARTC 126. Ceramics VI. 3 crs.
A continued, in-depth exploration of glazes and their effects through firing.

ARTC 127. Ceramics VIII. 3 crs.
Technical development of ceramics in sculptural structures for art in public places.

ARTC 129. Ceramics IX. 3 crs.
Independent study/ apprenticeship/internship study that exposes the student to varied processes of ceramic arts.

ARTC 130. Ceramics X. 3 crs.
Advanced Ceramic Workshop. Prerequisite: ARTC 129. Favorable evaluation required. Majors/minors only.

ARTC 131. Glaze Calculation and Formation

ARTC 137. Ceramic Sculpture I. 3 crs.
For students who have demonstrated a desire and capability to handle the medium in totally three-dimensional form. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

ARTC 138. Ceramic Sculpture II. 3 crs.
Clay handled three-dimensionally or in relief format.