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Painting (M.F.A.)
The Design program provides students with foundation principles that are central to design. Students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of visual communication through the study of theory and practical applications.

Through an intensive curriculum in visual and technologically-mediated communication, students learn how to identify, research, analyze, solve problems at various levels, and to provide multiple solutions, mechanicals and prototypes. Students also develop the ability to produce the following visual forms as solutions to studio and industry-related endeavors: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, printed, digital, motion graphics, and interactive media.

486-206. Social Painting I. 3 crs.
Survey of historical precedents in mural painting methods and materials as educational media.

486-207. Social Painting II. 3 crs.
Continuation of 486-206.

486-208. Painting Workshop I. 3 crs.
Exploration in di  verse approaches in painting, its forms and its techniques, with pictorial formulation in varied media.

486-209. Painting Workshop II. 3 crs.
Presents individual problems in painting, with group and individual criticism.

486-210. Painting Workshop III. 3 crs.
Independent study in painting, with tutorial and group criticism.

486-211. Painting Workshop IV. 3 crs.
Self-directed study, with periodic meetings with faculty.

486-212. Painting Workshop V. 3 crs.
Exploration of diverse approaches to painting. Self-directed study.

486-213. Painting Workshop VI. 3 crs.
Exploration of diverse approaches to painting. Self-directed study continued.

486-214. Painting Workshop VI1. 3 crs.
Self-directed study in painting.

486-215. Intermediate Rhythm Techniques Workshop. 3 crs.
Explanation, development, and practice of a rhythmic approach to the design and production of art based on the concepts of traditional African “Work Rhythms/Songs”.

486-216. Painting Mixed Media. 3 crs.
Exploration of diverse media, with emphasis on development of a personal style.

486-217. Composition in Figure Painting. 3 crs.
This course is a student exploration into the design possibilities and stylistic variances of the human figure in painting.

486-218. Advanced Composition in Figure Painting. 3 crs.
Exploration of the application of design possibilities and stylistic variances of the human figure toward communicating an iconographic image.

486-219. Watercolor. 3 crs.
Advanced use of aqueous media and techniques for development of an individual approach to creative problems.