Drawing – MFA Courses

Drawing – Graduate Courses

ARTG-200. The Investigative Eye. 3 crs.
Recognizing drawing to be an activity partly physical and partly mental, this course is an intense studio experience that will utilize the “set-up” as a catalyst for investigating diverse aspects of form. An open attitude regarding materials and technique is encouraged. This is an advanced course and is recommended for those who wish to deepen their involvement with drawing. Prereq.: Drawing I-IV.

ARTG-201. Drawing Workshop I. 3 crs.
Exploration of diverse drawing methods and media, with instruction in various techniques and materials.

ARTG-202. Drawing Workshop II. 3 crs.
Independent study in graphic expression, with group and individual criticism.

ARTG-203. Drawing Workshop III. 2 3 crs.
Independent study.

ARTG-204. Expressive Figure Drawing I. 3 crs.
Exploration and practices in drawing from live models.

ARTG-205. Expressive Figure Drawing II. 3 crs.
Continuation of ARTG-204.