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Ceramics (M.F.A.)
The Ceramics Program provides students with a technical foundation in basic hand and wheel formation, glaze calculation, clay formulation and a range of finishing and firing techniques. Advanced students are encouraged to explore the full range of possibilities in clay. The ceramics unit is designed to train students to become the traditional production potter; the ceramic sculptor and the visionary student who want to combine and experiment with state of the arts ceramic materials and technology to create their visual voice.


486-270. Ceramic Sculpture I. 3 crs.
Technical develop  ment of sculptural forms.

486-271. Ceramic Sculpture II. 3 crs.
Further exploration of 486-270, with emphasis on surface treatment.

486-272. Glaze Calculation and Formation. 3 crs.
Presents basic elements in making glazes and understanding how glazes function.

486-273. Ceramic Workshop I. 3 crs.
Concentration on technical wheel formation, clays, slips and glazes.

486-274. Ceramic Workshop II. 3 crs.
Concentration on wheel production techniques and glazes.

486-275. Ceramic Workshop III. 3 crs.
Independent study in the ceramic medium.

486-276. Public Ceramics 3 crs.
The creation of ceramic art work for public places. The creation of ceramic work especially designed for public installation such as, but not limited to, murals, fountains and ceramic sculpture.

486-277. Commercial Clay. 3 crs.
Hands-on investigation of clay in commercial applications.

486-278. Traditions in Clay. 3 crs.
Hands-on investigation of ceramic in other cultures and traditions.

486-279. New Directions in Clay. 3 crs.
An investigation of the contemporary trends in ceramic art.

486-280. Studio Internship. 3 crs.
Pre-approved internship in a professional ceramics studio. Designed to allow students to gain practical experience of how to set-up and run a private ceramics studio.

486-281. Practicum: M.F.A. Exhibition. 3 crs.
Studio and research work in preparation for required M.F.A. exhibition and thesis.