Design Courses

ARTD 104. Introduction to Digital Design. 3 crs. 

This course is an introduction to the basic components of computer graphics and digital media. Students will learn the concepts and techniques for the preparation of electronic art and design for the purpose of visual communication. Topics include, but are not limited to, digital typography, illustration techniques, scanning/digital imaging, digital color theory, file format preparation, layout and composition using the computer as an integral tool for design. (Syllabus)

ARTD 105. Typography I. 3 crs.

History, design, and execution of fundamental lettering and typeforms, with emphasis on structure; includes practices in type rendering and built-up letters.

Prerequisite: ARTD-104. (Syllabus)

ARTD 106. Design for Advertising I. 3 crs.

Treats the aesthetics and techniques of advertising layout, advanced problems in illustration, advertising art, magazine covers, and display.

Prerequisite: ARTD-105. (Syllabus)

ARTD 107. Design for Advertising II. 3 crs.

Involves studio design problems, with emphasis on the development of ideas and the ability to communicate them effectively.


ARTD 108. Typography II. 3 crs.

Deals with procedures in type specification and mechanical printing methods.


ARTD 109. Reproduction and Techniques. 3 crs.

Teaches techniques of preparing work for reproduction, with concentration on color separation for a four-color process.


ARTD 110. Studio Problems in Design. 3 crs.

Development of graphic and verbal articulation in package design and display, with study of agency practice and communication design.


ARTD 111. Illustration. 3 crs.

Analysis of principles of illustration, with emphasis on theories of commercial and fine art illustration.

Prerequisite: ARTR 004. (Syllabus)

ARTD 112. Production and Portfolio Techniques I. 3 crs.

This course is an introduction to ethics and code of conduct for the professional practices of the creative field. Covers production and presentation of designer’s work from drawing board to the printed page.


ARTD 113. Production and Portfolio Techniques II. 3 crs.

Continuation of ARTD-112. Course topics will address, but are not limited to, career development and direction, the craft of portfolio preparation and presentation techniques, usage of trade tools, and the business of self–

promotion and marketing.


ARTD 115. Digital Design I. 3 crs. 

This course is an exploration of intermediate to advanced concepts and procedures in the preparation of electronic art and design. Topics include, but are not limited to, electronic layout, advanced illustration techniques, image manipulation, file format preparation, designing for print and the web, electronic printing and pre-press production and professional presentation.

ARTD 118. Magazine and Newspaper Design I. 3 crs.

The study of informational graphics and the role of computers in newspaper design.

Prerequisite: ARTD105 (Syllabus)

ARTD 119. Internships. 3 crs. to 6 crs.

The student may take an internship that relates to his or her goals as well as interest and skills.

ARTD 120. Field Study. 3 crs.

Off-campus and study abroad programs and projects.

ARTD 122. Digital Design II. 3 crs. 

This course continues our exploration of advanced concepts and procedures in the preparation of electronic art and design. This course focuses on electronic publishing and new media design concepts and techniques. Topics include, but are not limited to, multimedia presentation, interface design, web site development basics, CD Rom and Audio CD authoring, and digital 2-D animation.

Prerequisite: ARTD 115. (Syllabus)

ARTD 123. Magazine and Newspaper Design II. 3 crs.

The study of informational graphics and the role of computers in newspaper design.

Prerequisite: ARTD118 (Syllabus)

ARTD 125. Creative Business: Industry Preparation and Entrepreneurship. 3 crs.

An amalgamation of pre-graduation exercises focusing on making each prospective graduate ready to function effectively and efficiently in the visual communications arena of their choice.


ARTD 126. Web Development and Interactive Media. 3 crs.

This course takes an in-depth look at the processes of web design and interactive communications via the Internet. Students will learn how to plan, design, and maintain fully operational interactive web sites that consist of graphic user interfaces, sound, motion, text and online forms using Macromedia Studio applications (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Flash).  Topics include, but are not limited to, how the Internet works, site development and maintenance, frames, tables, forms, site publishing (ftp and http), and interactivity. Students will also be introduced to web marketing and e-commerce trends.

Prerequisite: ARTD122 (Syllabus)

ARTD ??? Visual Journalism. 3 crs. 

Studio and lab exploration of the principles and practices involved in information design for online media, newspapers, magazines and corporate publications, using informational graphics and photographs to tell or enhance news stories.

ARTD ??? Design Asset Management. 3 crs. 

Introduction to technologies and processes that facilitate efficient, best-practices in the cataloguing, storage, retrieval and reuse of digital files such a photographs, illustrations, web pages, text files or any other form of artwork produced digitally.