Hibba Maraay

Ceramics (MFA Student)

I was born in a humble family, my mom had Tunisian roots, and her mother came out of Egypt, so since I was small I had a passion to know the difference between these civilizations, especially in the field of art. My father was  close-minded and he was not encouraging or stimulating about art, but it does not affect at me in a negative because I was patient and persistent in achieving my ambitions. My mother inspired me because she is sensitive, ambitious and has a vision of a beautiful and spontaneous and  pure life. These characteristics spring from her love for poetry reading  and she had her first book published entitled the( Feelings of a woman ). Her desire was to promote my painting on the cover of her book. In addition to that, my aunt, also a painter, appreciates art and first taught me how to hold the paintbrush, to create a relationship between me and my painting and taught me about colors. Also her children, of course, have been raised in the same technical environment. They are in  very privileged American universities in the field of advertising and design and film output.

I graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. The study period was beautiful and I benefited from many of the areas studied, because they include many studies of Children art, figuration and ceramic, Islamic culture, art book and creation of oil colors. At the same time I did not limit myself to this fate, but took several courses with the artists I was interested in attending the exhibitions of, such as Ahmed Al-bar, who has a distinct style in that he does not use the brush tools, but uses dye wall paintings. I also took a course in abstract painting with the Sudanese artist Najwa Yagoub, which was characterized by the style of mixing oil paints with acrylic. He also love to draw the Sudan People’s dances. After that I felt my desire to take the first step to enter the world of art and began to participate in some art galleries. For example, I participated in a promising exhibition, which was intended for junior artists to feature their talents in 2004 and the second gallery of women in 2006 and the exhibition Ramadan in Saudi Heritage.

From my experience I have learned that art is not only to hold the brush and paint, but the artist must show all her talents and benefit in many areas. After I received my bachelor’s degree I got a job at the Center for New Horizons function of public relation. I would question all related parties in the center and hold all the meetings for the development of the center and to widen its scope. In one summer holidays I proposed to the Director of the Centre that we do a training course for children how to make new objects out of old things in a creative way. The course was called Be Designer.


Master of Fine Arts in Howard University Ceramic Major
Washington DC
2011- percent                                                                                                                            

Bachelor of Fain Art, Majors in Ceramic
Education College for Girls
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

(ICDL) International Computer Driving License
New Horizons
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia