Charles Metze III

Electronic Studio (MFA Student)

I was born on August 3, 1987 in Columbia, South Carolina to Prof. Charles Metze II (former Howard University Professor) and Anne- Marie Metze, with a full head of luxurious hair. I am an only child and I’ve been a Washington, DC resident since 1990.

I attended Howard University for my undergraduate education where I received my BFA in Graphic Design. While at Howard I was an undergrad assistant for the Design department and chipped a hand in other departments when necessary. I graduated spring of 2011, summa cum laude. While an undergraduate I successfully secured and completed internships with both Smithsonian Institution, which I transitioned into a six month volunteer role and Warner Bros. Studios, where I worked in the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment division located in Los Angeles California. That second one was especially awesome.

Currently I am a very sleep deprived, but extremely dedicated graduate student at Howard, working on a massive MFA thesis project under the Electronic Studio Program, with a focus on 3D modeling and animation, branding and product design. I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Electronic Studio.

My career goals lie in the entertainment industry, specifically the game industry where I hope to one day earn my living as a 3D character artist, crafting the avatars that will delight and fight for our amusement.

My interests do not include things like long walks on the beach, as there is far too much sand for my tastes. Rather, I am a colossal yet loveable geek. I have a love art, which I hope is a silly and redundant thing for me to say, assuming of course that you’ve been reading this from the beginning and you are not just skimming. I like having a sense of humor and using it to make people giggle at things that they never realized were funny. Like soap. Soap is ripe for humorous dialogue.

I am a gamer and love having good conversations about the industry and the art in games. I love comics, sometimes for the art, sometimes for the mythology, sometimes for both and yes Batman can always beat Superman. It’s just that they’re both too classy to throw down under normal circumstances.

I have a veritable affinity for conversion from the early days of the 20th century and quite an appreciation for the dapper and gentlemanly attire that would grace the visage of a passerby as they gallivanted down the street in those days. I love film and my go to genre is horror but I’m always up to watch a good piece of cinema, regardless of type.