General Motors North America Design Internship Deadline 2/25

General Motors North America Design is pleased to announce 13 internship opportunities for summer 2011. Location: General Motors Design Center, Warren, Michigan 2 Interior Creative Designers (Requisition # ENG0010516) 2 […]

General Motors North America Design is pleased to announce 13 internship opportunities for summer 2011.

Location: General Motors Design Center, Warren, Michigan

  • 2 Interior Creative Designers (Requisition # ENG0010516)
  • 2 Exterior Creative Designers (Requisition # ENG0010517)
  • 1 Product and Accessories Designer (Requisition # ENG0010515)
  • 1 Exhibit Design (Requisition # ENG0010513)
  • 6 Digital and Clay Sculpting (Requisition #ENG0010542)

Location:   General Motors Design Center, North Hollywood, California

1 Visualization Designer (Requisition # ENG00010514)

Internship opportunities will run from June 1, 2011 thru August 31, 2011.  Candidates must possess a 3.0 G.P.A. and be available to work from June 1 to August 31, 2011.

Students must complete the following two steps by February 25th for consideration.

1:  Apply online to as an intern candidate to appropriate requisition # (additional instructions in attachment below)

2:  Send portfolio electronically in one pdf (up to 10 mb) to comprised of the following elements:

First page: Montage of five best portfolio pieces
Second page: Resume or CV
Remaining pages: Remainder of Portfolio samples to review

It would also be very helpful if your portfolio is in a landscape 8.5″ x 11.0″ layout to ensure the best quality and viewing for our portfolio team.

The job responsibilities for all the creative design interns are as follows:  Ability to create and communicate new ideas with sketching techniques.  Intern has good understanding of form.  Good drawing and graphic skills.  Demonstrates creative proficiency.  Good oral and written communication skills.  Some analytical ability where problems are not difficult or complex.  Interpersonal skills to work effectively with others.  Ability and desire to think strategically with an innovative and inquisitive mind and a strong desire to achieve.  In addition, some specific job responsibilities aligned with each internship opportunity are further described below:

Exhibit (A designer who is an energetic and creative team player. An industrial design major with strong graphic design skills is a must.  Interests should include developing exhibit spaces, event productions, product design and interior environment design.  Must have the ability to design and visualize ideas that work together to create and reinforce the strategic communication message and individual brand essence.  Preferred Skill set: Rapid idea generation, Sketching + Rendering 2D and 3D, CS3 Suite Proficiency, Alias,Maya,Light Wave,After Effects)

Visualization (A visualization Designer intern should have a creative portfolio of 2D and 3D visualization experience. There are no specific software skills required, however one may be proficient in Photoshop, Maya, Showcase, DeltaGen, After Effects, etc. The GM Design Creative Visualization team is a multidisciplinary team supporting the design studios from concept ideation to product launch with high end renderings, animations, video and traditional photography)

Product and Accessories Designer (A creative designer who has an industrial design, product design or transportation design major.  Interests should include developing product wheels and product accessories for both the interior and the exterior of vehicle design.    Demonstrates a competence in sketching with a focus on details.  Student demonstrates an enthusiasm for product design, and has a strong desire to design products and components.)

Exterior & Interior Transportation Designers (A creative designer who has strong transportation design skills and demonstrates the fundamental skills to communicate design proposals with both 2D and 3D skills.  Demonstrates design solutions that are credible and well thought out.  Student exhibits basic understanding of how a vehicle is put together and concepts are well proportioned with sound aesthetic judgments reflecting market and customer requirements.   Interior Transportation Design student also exhibits basic understanding of interior components and configurations).

The job responsibilities for the sculpting interns are as follows:

Digital and Clay Sculpting: (A student with digital sculpting skills in industrial design, product design, transportation design or fine arts. Demonstrates strong desire to develop digital math data for products and components.  Demonstrated competency in understanding engineering and manufacturing requirements is preferred.  A solid background in basic drafting fundamentals is preferred.  Key skills include:  Basic Alias Studio or NX proficiency, demonstrated aesthetic understanding of line and form, strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with others in a team environment.)

If you have any further questions, please give me a call on 586 986 4337.

Best regards,