Raven Featherstone

Assistant Professor – Foundation and Design

Raven Featherstone

Raven S. Featherstone embarked upon a career in Design and Photography with an emphasis in Computer Graphic Design and Motion Design. Held an internship with Master Printmaker, Lou Stovall. Raven’s work experience is quite varied and certainly impressive. Featherstone received a degree from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a Master of Art (MA) degree in Digital Arts and Pratt Institute with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media.

“My work is a result of a series of images possessing and conveying an atavistic quality– a sort of genetic memory–– not unlike what Carl Jung describes in his classic work, Man and His Symbols. According to Jung, every man relies upon his own thoughts as well as those of his ancestors.”

Ms. Featherstone has received numerous awards in Design, Photography, and Sculpture. She continues to work in the area of painting drawing, and digital imagery in order to achieve her goal as an artist. Featherstone has traveled extensively in West Africa, the Mideast, South Africa, South America and Europe studying the culture and arts of these regions.


Artist Statement

I found, to my relief and surprise, that my creative intelligence and energy had the power to stave off even that which nature claims as its own: the ability to remove life from memory.

Although this newfound understanding was at first an abstraction to me, my personal relationship with nature ultimately helped me to surround my life and work with creative and symbolic forces. Movement and psyche pushed my effects to present my images toward a universal meaning.