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Art History

Name Rank Email Office
Janell Pryor Adjunct janell.blackmon@howard.edu  Room 2032, Childers Hall
Melanee Harvey Lecturer melaneeh@bu.edu  Room 2030, Childers Hall
Kathryn Coney-Ali Lecturer KConey@howard.edu  Room 2027, Childers Hall


Name Rank Email Office
Reginald Pointer, MFA Associate Professor & Coordinator rwpointer@howard.edu  Room 2034, Childers Hall


Name Rank Email Office
Mark Bartley, MFA Associate Professor & Coordinator bartleymark@hotmail.com  Room 2026, Childers Hall
Raven Featherstone, MFA Associate Professor rfeatherstone@howard.edu  Room 2029, Childers Hall
Dr. Miriam Ahmed  Lecturer mahmed@howard.edu Room 1025, Childers Hall

Electronic Studio

Name Rank Email Office
Dr. Tony McEachern Department Chairman &
Program Area Coordinator
ammceachern@howard.edu Room G18, Blackburn Center
Dr. Olivia Drake Lecturer odrake@howard.edu Room G18, Blackburn Center
Alexander McSwain, MFA Assistant Professor amcswain@howard.edu Room 2019, (Yellow Door) Childers Hall
 William Page, MFA  Lecturer  bigwil357@gmail.com  Room G18, Blackburn Center

Fashion Design

Name Rank Email Office
Dr. Elka Stevens Associate Professor & Coordinator estevens@howard.edu  Room 2005b, Childers Hall
Michelle “Mikki” Taylor, MFA Lecturer miktaylordesigns@aol.com  Room 2035, Childers Hall
Dr. Lucy Gause Assistant Professor lucy.gause@howard.edu  Room 2009, Childers Hall

Interior Design

Name Rank Email Office
Jacqueline Carmichael, MFA Assistant Professor jacqueline.carmich@howard.edu  Room 1025, Childers Hall


Name Rank Email Office
James Phillips, MFA Associate Professor savannah-april@msn.com  Room 1025, Childers Hall
Akili Ronald Anderson, MFA Assistant Professor akiliron@hotmail.com  Room 2032, Childers Hall


Name Rank Email Office
Allen Jackson, MFA Adjunct allen_jackson@eburke.org  Room 1025, Childers Hall


Name Rank Email Office


Name Rank Email Office
Summer Brown, MFA Lecturer brownsumma@yahoo.com  Room 2030, Childers Hall