Directions to Fine Arts Annex

Howard University Fine Arts Annex

Sculpture Atelier and Graduate Painting Studio

2467 Sherman Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001

Fine Arts Annex Directions

Directions from the Fine Arts Building (LV Childers Hall)

Leaving the Fine Arts building through the main entrance:

  1. Exit RIGHT in the direction of 6th Street NW;
  2. Head SOUTH (LEFT) on 6th Street NW to Howard Street;
  3. Turn RIGHT onto Howard Place towards Georgia Avenue;
  4. Cross Georgia Avenue and continue STRAIGHT through
    the Banneker Recreation Center parking lot;
  5. Continue STRAIGHT through the Banneker Recreation Center passing
    the Tennis Courts (on the right) and the Baseball Field (on the Left)
    until you reach 9th Street NW;
  6. Cross 9th Street NW and find the rear entrance of the Fine Arts Annex
    (the white building on the RIGHT of Banneker South parking lot);

The Graduate Painting Studio entrance (main entrance) is on Sherman Avenue.
The Sculpture Atelier entrance (rear entrance) can be accessed on 9th Street.