Portfolio Requirements

For admission to the B.F.A. degree program, applicants who plan on majoring in Studio Arts must submit a portfolio of artwork to the Department of Art. Program areas that traditionally required slides will now require digital images instead of slides. A portfolio of 12-15 digital images of original creative works (with no more than 2-3 views of any one work), must be prepared and presented on a CD Rom or flash drive (URL’s are also acceptable if the work is presented online in quality form). Each image must be clearly labeled with the title of the work, materials or media of creation, size, and date of creation.

These original creative works must be prepared according to the guidelines:

  1. Static Two-Dimensional imagery: JPEG Format in a Powerpoint Presentations Slideshow (.ppt or .pps);
  2. Three-Dimension Pieces (i.e. sculpture, ceramics, fashion, 3D modeling): JPEG Format including 2-3 views of the work;
  3. Motion graphics and video: Use MP4 Format along with pixel dimensions;
  4. Size of digital images: no less than 800 x 600 ppi
  5. Please include with each slide of your presentation:
    • Title of the Work
    • Materials or Media used to created the work
    • Size of actual piece of work represented by the digital images. Size of work should be relative to the media with which it was created (for traditional media, use inches; for static digital media, use pixel dimensions; and for motion graphics and video use pixel dimensions and time in minutes and seconds)
    • Date of creation
  6. Physical portfolios are still being accepted.
Mail portfolios to:

Department of Art
Division of Fine Arts
College of Arts and Sciences
Howard University
2455 Sixth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059