Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

            The Department of Art meets the educational needs of students by offering exemplar instruction in the practice, history, and criticism of the visual arts and design. The Department of Art seeks to maintain an atmosphere conducive to developing skilled and knowledgeable graduates who are prepared for the twenty-first century to compete for professional positions and engage in entrepreneurial endeavors as artists, designers, fashion merchandisers, interior designers, and art historians. The Department recognizes its unique advantage and responsibility to reflect, affirm, and perpetuate the visual expression of the African American and African Diaspora experience.


  • To provide innovative professional and interdisciplinary programs that are supportive of the immediate and specific educational needs of undergraduate and graduate students in the Fine Arts and Art History;
  • To maintain its heritage of excellence in the arts and to continue be universally recognized as a comprehensive center of distinction in the Visual Arts, Design, Art History;
  • To serve as a site for leading-edge electronic, digital, and technology-infused art production and design;
  • To spearhead cultural production and scholarly interpretation of African American, African, and African Diaspora art and culture.

Major Program Areas

Art History



  • General Design track
  • Fashion Design track
  • Interior Design track

Electronic Studio





Degree programs include:


Bachelor of Arts — 4 years: Art History.

Bachelor of Fine Arts — 4 years: Ceramics, Design, Electronic Studio, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.



Master of Fine Arts — 2 to 3 years: Ceramics, Design

Master of Fine Arts — 2 years: Electronic Studio, Painting, and Sculpture.