83rd Annual Art Students Exhibition

Howard University Division of Fine Arts Department of Art and Gallery of Art present 83rd Annual Art Students Exhibition January 31 – March 7, 2014 Acknowledgments The first student exhibition […]

Howard University Division of Fine Arts
Department of Art
Gallery of Art


83rd Annual Art Students Exhibition

January 31 – March 7, 2014


The first student exhibition was presented at Howard University during the spring of 1924. Since that time, it has become a formal part of the presentation and practice of the Department of Art to showcase the work of its student artists. The experience of the student presenting his or her work to the University community and to the general public becomes a vital part of his or her education. At the same time, the exhibition provides us with the opportunity to study the creative expressions, growth and maturity among the participants. Preparing to meet the demands of the professional world, however, should not be taken lightly; competition is keen and alive – take heed and be prepared.

The gallery of art wishes to express sincere thanks to the students who submitted their works for the 83rd Annual Exhibition. Our profound thanks go to Ms. Zoë Charlton for her cooperation and patience in serving as the juror who selected the award winners. Thank you to Juan T. Muñoz, student, for the design of our beautiful brochure. Without the gallery staff, Mr. Scott Baker and Ms. Eileen Johnston, the task would be insurmountable; our appreciation.

Our gratitude also to Dr. Tony McEachern, chairman of the Department of Art, for his nurturing and guidance of our young artists, and to the faculty who encouraged the students’ participation in the 83rd Annual Art Students Exhibition.

Gwendolyn Everett
Gallery Director 


juror-zoe-charltonGuest Juror: Zoë Charlton


Zoë Charlton received her MFA degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Charlton has had residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. Her work has been included in national and international exhibitions including the Contemporary Art Museum (Houston, TX), the Studio Museum of Harlem (NYC, NY), Wendy Cooper Gallery (Chicago, IL), the Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw, Poland), and Haas & Fischer Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland); and is a recipient of a Pollock-Krasner grant. Charlton is an Associate Professor of Art at American University in Washington, DC. She is represented by ConnerSmith, Washington D.C.


An ongoing interest in race, gender and class motivates my work. Using the nude body—often, a corpulent black female figure—as metaphor, I explore the ironies of contemporary social and racial politics. My deliberately humorous and sexual content challenges what we view as moral and ethical. Playing on racist and sexist jokes, I point to xenophobic imagery that, in turn, alludes to collective stereotypes. The work evaluates prejudice based on appearances by literally undressing it; the particulars of cultural histories are writ large in these naked bodies.



Graduate Awards Winners

1st Jordan Powell
2nd Lillian Shaw
3rd Adrienne Gaither

1 st Pierre Dennis
2nd Lillian Shaw

3-D Digital Art
1 st Amecia Starks

Undergraduate Award Winners

1st James McGee, IV
2nd Cameron Crosby
3rd Isak Shah

1st Chase Walker
2nd Cameron Crosby
3rd Allana Arkward

1 st Alexia Reid
2nd Khalia Clemons

1 st Chamille McKay
2nd Aisha Daniels
3rd Imani Dennison

Exhibiting Artists

 Shaina Alleyne  Nitya Gittens  Lillian Shaw
 Allana Arkward  Richard Green, Jr.  Amecia Starks
 Judahea Bluntt  Ariane Gresson  Mary Vandiver
 Cristian Boyd  Taylor Hill  Ashley Van Heel
 Khalia Clemmons  Cynthia Hodge  Chase Walker
 Rashita Connelly  Jazmin LaBrie  Sydney Ware
 Cameron Crosby  Jenny Ly  Jeffrey Weatherford
 Rachel Cumberbatch  Carahna Magwood  Breiana Whittaker
 Aisha Daniels  Kenish Magwood
 Jenai Davis  Lacey McEachern
 Pierre Dennis  James McGee, IV
 Imani Dennison  Chamille McKay
 Katherine Downs  Juan Muñoz
 Shekinah Ealey  Shanteera Neal
 Larry Easley  Jordan Powell
 Brie Fludd  Alexis Reid
 Adrienne Gaither  Jazmin Ryle
 Alexis Gee  Isak Shah

Faculty & Staff

 Farah Ahmed  Terry deBardelaben  James Phillips
 Miriam Ahmed  Raven Featherstone  Reginald Pointer
 Akili Ron Anderson  Richard Green, Sr.  Janell Pryor
 Mark Bartley  Melanee Harvey  David Smedley
 Ronald Beverly  Allen Jackson  Alfred Smith
 Bobby Broughton  Bill Johnson  Shauna Stallworth
 Danielle E. Brown  Gary Lampley  Elka Stevens
 Summer Brown  Tony McEachern  Michelle Taylor
 Teresia Bush  Alexander McSwain
 Jacqueline Carmichael  Kwaku Ofori-Ansa

Photography by Brie Whittaker, HU Photography Major.