82nd Annual Art Students Exhibition

Acknowledgments The first student exhibition was presented at Howard University during the spring of 1924. Since that time, it has become a fonnal part of the presentation and practice of […]

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The first student exhibition was presented at Howard University during the spring of 1924. Since that time, it has become a fonnal part of the presentation and practice of the Department of Art to showcase the work of its student artists. The experience of the student presenting his or her work to the University community and to the general public becomes a vital part of his or her education. At the same time, the exhibition provides us with the opportunity to study the creative expressions, growth and maturity among the participants. Preparing to meet the demands of the professional world, however, should not be taken lightly; competition is keen and alive – take heed and be prepared.

The gallery of art wishes to express sincere thanks to the students who submitted their works for the 82nd annual exhibition. Our profound thanks go to Ms. Lilian Burwell for her cooperation and patience in serving as independent juror and for selecting the award winners. Thank you to Sydnea Lewis, student, for the design of our beautiful brochure; and to students Naomie Jean-Pierre and Dylan McKinney for their assistance in the installation of this exhibit. Without the gallery staff, Mr. Scott Baker and Ms. Eileen Johnston, the task would be insurmountable; our appreciation.

Our gratitude also to Dr. Anthony McEachern, chairman of the Department of Art, for his nurturing and guidance of our young artists, and to the faculty who encouraged the students’ participation in the 82nd Annual Art Students Exhibition.

Gwendolyn Everett
Director of the Art Gallery



Guest Juror: Lilian Thomas Burwell

Lilian BurwellLilian Thomas Burwell, the juror for the show, is first and foremost an artist, but she is also a retired teacher who never stops teaching. She has been gallery director at the Alma Thomas Memorial Gallery, the Sumner Museum and Archives, and a frequent curatorial consultant. She did her own undergraduate work at Pratt Institute where she also taught, at DC Teachers’ College, The Art Students League in New York and under Benjamin Abramowitz. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree at Catholic University in consortium with American University.

Ms. Burwell has been exhibited extensively throughout the country and is a published writer in the Art Field. ‘Because she has served on various boards of directors at local arts centers, worked as a curatorial consultant and previously taught at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Pratt Institute, George Washington University, and recently Anne Arundel Community College, she is extremely interested in helping artists discover the best in their unique selves.

Her jurying process has been described as one that solicitously encourages serious effort while at the same time being a rigorous one. “My mission is to feed and encourage the creative urge to be ourselves, always honed by the lessons we’ve learned” she says. “When I jury, I try to encourage … in other words ‘give courage’ to those who are going out on limbs and are playing a clear and beautiful note so true that we want to hear it again; to see if it grows the wings being formed in the exposure to the teaching received, particularly if in a student show. To those whose works aren’t chosen, I’d like to leave this reminder: ‘Mozart never won a prize’ It didn’t stop him. You’re only on a springboard. Just keep on keeping on. Follow and develop your passion, despite what career you may need to find to support it. That’s the most important thing.”


Graduate Awards Winners

1st Jenai Davis
2nd Lillian Shaw

1 st Osereime J. Aimua
2nd Rashita Connelly

Web/ Interactive Design
1 st Tyrone Clemons

Undergraduate Award Winners


1st Jazmin LaBrie

2nd Tomora Wright

H.M. Ariane Gresson


1st Michele Goosby


1 st Juan T. Munoz

2nd Richard Green

HM. Donovan Shields

Interior Design

1 st Jasmine Dove

Fashion Design

HMMorgan Davis

2D Design

1 st Torrence Hill

2nd Jenny Ly

HM. Juan T. Munoz

Photography/Digital Imaging

1 st Brie Fludd

2nd Torrence Hill

HM. Sekaya Harris

HM. Ariane Gresson

HM. Chamille McKay

HM.Richard Woods

Web/ Interactive Design

1 st Richard Green

2nd Khalia Clemmons

H.M. denotes Honorable Mention

Exhibiting Artists

 Osereime Aimua  Michelle Gibson  Juan Munoz
 Allana Arkward  Michele Goosby  Will Page
 Nasrin Bakheet  Samantha Grant  Jordan Powell
 Nicholas Beauregard  Richard Green, Jr.  Alexis Reid
 Deborah Bishop  Ariane Gresson  Perri Rhoden
 Khalia Clemmons  Sekaya Harris  Jordan Ross
 Tyrone Clemons  Taylor Hill  Jazmin Ryle
 Rashita Connelly  Torrence Hill  Brandon Sanders
 Jenai Davis  Brittany Houston-Johnson  Makare Saunders
 Morgan Davis  Jazmin LaBrie  Lillian Shaw
 Pierre Dennis  Sydnea Lewis  Donovan Shields
 Jasminn Dove  Heather Long  Amecia Starks
 Christina Downs  Jenny Ly  Sydney Ware
 Katherine Downs  Hibba Maraay  Breiana Whittaker
 Alyssa Engle  Jessica McClendon  TaQuana Williams
 Naada Favitsou-Boulandi  Charles Metze, III  Richard Woods
 Brie Fludd  James McGee, IV  Tomora Wright
 Adrienne Gaither  Chamille McKay

Faculty & Staff

 Akili Ron Anderson  Billy Johnson  Reginald Pointer
 Mark Bartley  Lydia Johnson  Janell Blackmon Pryor
 Ronald Beverly  Gary Lampley  David Smedley
 Teresia Bush  Anthony McEachern  Alfred Smith
 Jacqueline Carmichael  Alexander McSwain  Melanie Spears Harper
 Terry deBardelaben  Tewodross Melchishua  Shauna Stallworth
 Raven Featherstone  Kwaku Ofori-Ansa  Elka Stevens
Shala Graham  Winifred Owens-Hart  Mialyn Tapscott
 Richard Green  James Phillips  Beatrice Taylor
 Allen Jackson  Michael Platt  Michelle Taylor

Photography by Brie A. Fludd, HU Photography Major 2015.